Welcome Beloved

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy and your angelic voice

with us all. I also wanted to let you know the feedback I have received was

... Amazing ... Something happened ... I feel different ... I'm still feeling so peaceful ... Beautiful energy ... can't explain what has happened ... still buzzing ... So thank you, Beautiful Soul that you are, and for blessing us by coming to my centre." Maggie Christo, Diamond Light Centre, Victoria, Australia

NEW! COMING SOON! Alana's official YOUTUBE channel!

We are so excited to be announcing that Alana will launch an official Alana Fairchild youtube channel soon ... want to subscribe to be ready for her first new video series of ORACLE CARD GUIDANCE READINGS and CRYSTAL SOUND HEALINGS? Subscribe here by clicking this link and pressing the "subscribe" button! We can't wait to connect with you through this powerful medium to spread healing, light and energy from Alana's heart to yours. 

Join Alana at a unique Sydney event!

Why not join Alana for something utterly memorable, wild and playful - with healing energy to uplift you, clear negative energy and open you up to life's adventures? We cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday night!


Worried this might not 'be your scene'? The Divine Circus has fans of all ages and many different walks of life. What they have in common is that they love positive energy, want to feel good and are open to experiencing more sacred play in their lives! So come join us! Children are welcome if supervised by an adult and this is a drug and alcohol-free event. 


Come join us at the Sydney Peace Day Festival on Bondi Beach, Sunday 21st September 2014 ... we'll be closing the show at 6pm with a wild, loving, all-ages show! Want to know more? Join the Divine Circus on Facebook and subscribe to the Divine Circus Newsletter!

The Divine Rebel Within

Everything that you are seeking, searching for, striving for, is actually a quest for your own divinity. All your desires, no matter how apparently spiritual or mundane, are the voice of the divine yearning within you.


Your divine self yearns to be remembered, to be lived! It is a magnificent, wild, luminous creature. It doesn't want to be held back by fear and doubt, by other people's stories. It wants to live truth, reject lies and claim its heavenly birthright to embrace life and thrive.

It is your inner divinity that calls you to adventure, that seeks to liberate you from your fears. It is the voice inside your heart that urges you to let go and trust, no matter what. It is the part of you that doesn't need to know why or have a plan or a guarantee in order to live, it just wants to be alive, to feel, to breathe, to experience and to know divine passionate purpose. It wants all of this, even if sometimes that means leaving behind who or what we have known and becoming uncomfortable as we grow. 


You are capable of such divine radiance! To have your heart burn with passion and your body ignited with love. The divine rebel within you doesn't care about how you are supposed to live or what society thinks about you, it is only interested in your awakening so that you can make a mess and grow wise, surrendering completely into the embrace of life, trusting in its genius and compassion. 


It is the call of this divine self that has brought you here, to read these words, so listen and receive, beloved. You are in a great spiritual adventure! Your time is now.


"Choosing to work with Alana was the kindest gift I have ever given myself." SM, Australia

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