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Sacred Activism and Secret Numbers

What makes activism sacred?

The upheaval, both inwardly and externally that can accompany a paradigm shift is considerable. The Universe gives us spiritual nudges (or shoves, as the case may be) to evolve our consciousness collectively and individually. This is how we can grow. The instability it evokes leads us to search for answers and evolve. 

What happens when individuals respond to that nudge and focus not only on changing themselves but on attempting to create awareness for the cause in the minds of those around them? It could become an act of sacred activism leading to education or it could become oppression. The difference rests in the level of awareness of the activist.  

Education makes someone aware of what is happening, outlines the pathways towards resolution and when there is great passion, can also inspire action. Oppression is not about inspiration, although it may start with an inspired idea. Unlike education which emphasises choice, oppression is a form of violence that seeks to compel certain action, ignore freewill and make the choice for us. 

We must take great care that we do not fall into the trap of ‘any means to an end’, for no matter how noble the end may initially be, if we abandon the way of the heart in order to accomplish it, the price of accomplishment will be too great, and the accomplishment itself destroyed.

When focused on invitation, the heart can act in a powerful way, radiating the wisdom within and taking action that feels true and aligned with the essence of that wisdom. If one is fighting against hate, for example, then hating others who hate, is akin to throwing fuel on the fire and undermining what we are fighting for. 

We can pour great passion into our sacred activities – whatever they may be, including activism – yet if we focus on changing the way others choose to live based on what we think is right for them, we end up attached to what we are attempting to free ourselves from. This is an example of negative attachment, where we become bound to the thing we are fighting against. Acceptance is essential for change to occur. What we resist, persists, as the expression goes. 

Instead we can acknowledge how things are, recognise that change is required, and then set boundaries, speak of, and practice, a different way, and shift the energy within us first. We cannot give what we do not possess. Work on the inner first, to be the change. Otherwise it can be the consciousness-equivalent of being an unprepared lifeguard who in attempting to help the drowning man, is pulled down in his panic, and drowns along with him. 


“We may have wonderful intentions and pure motivation, but if we don’t have the inner spiritual strength to be able to transform hate into love in our own hearts, how are we going to tackle the problems of hate in our world? “


Effective change is healing change

We can create awareness, but to really change the situation where certain humans simply hate other humans, no amount of logic or awareness is going to help. What we need is for those who can do the spiritual heavy lifting of transforming energy to get to work, to help lift those that are yet to develop the capacity to help themselves. We must therefore stay focused on what empowers the heart – which is love.  

It is harder this way, probably because it is the way of healing change that actually works, and what works tends to take more skill, energy and commitment than those actions that seem to be doing something but actually aren’t changing the quality of consciousness. For the same reasons, it also feels better.

“True activists are motivated not by virtue signalling but by actually wanting to create beneficial change in our world for the greater good. Sacred activism is a form of collective healing and course correction, and love is the great healer.”

Hate or anger might inspire passionate action but ultimately it undermines healing and therefore change. Those locked in hate and anger might unconsciously be seeking relief of their suffering but simply lack the capacity to accomplish it.  Yet we must find the healing path if we are to effect long term transformation of ourselves and each other, and therefore the culture that is formed of our individual energies into a collective expression. 

Healers in the political realm

Healers who venture into the political realm are very much needed, yet there will be ongoing pressure to choose sides and even make someone’s political beliefs a reflection of their spiritual awareness. Invitation to judge others, and to taint unconditional love with political preferences will greet you at every turn. To fall into that behaviour will undermine your spiritual progress therefore and weaken your capacity to help create genuine change.

We can embrace our beliefs and honour our soul path with wisdom only to the extent that we allow others to do the same. This is advanced spiritual citizenship for free will is the spiritual inheritance of humanity. If we attempt to steal another’s right to choose, we go against the way of the spirit, and aligning with the way of spirit is how we source our strength as healers.

What can truly help is that we embrace our path and rather than resist the wounds of the world, we recognise them and dive into becoming the juiciest source of healing presence, divine love and wisdom that we can possibly be. We potentiate the loving energy within, shining like the lighthouse in the storm, rather than trying to commandeer and direct every ship. We manifest awareness of other ways of choices, rather than control.  This is a way of respect and responsibility that can help humanity spiritually mature, which is the way from hate and fear into loving wisdom for all beings. 

Secret Numbers and Sacred Activism

In sacred numerology, the divine disruption energy manifests as the 5 vibration. Seeing 5s, or numbers that reduce to 5 (such as 2021) indicate a frequency that functions as a psychic solvent, dissolving bonds and structures, generating both chaos and opportunity. 

In sacred numerology we make the most of the 5 by rising to the 6, the energy of heart wisdom. The 6 frequency supports us in weaving the threads back together in a new way. It resonates with the qualities of reconnection, rebuilding and renewal. Love accomplishes what fear, control and social pressure cannot. It heals. It regenerates. It integrates. It allows for something new in our experience as individuals and as a human family, to emerge.

Love is the great healer and healing is essentially the reclaiming of lost, discarded and fractured aspects of ourselves and our lives, repairing and reintegrating them to bring about a deeper expression of wholeness.  From the 6 we rise to the 7, which supports development of connection to our higher self, and the possibility of becoming a channel for wisdom and healing in our world.

On the soul’s awakening journey, there are essential deconstruction phases, where circumstances, coping mechanisms, plans and even identities are destabilised by irresistible forces and fall apart. This is so that the individual elements can be cleansed, refined and recombined into more authentic and mature expressions. 

When the heart and the higher self are consciously involved in this falling apart, it can be used in positive ways for awakening. It’s not necessarily easier in the short term, but in the long term we are strengthened rather than weakened by the challenges. Instead of becoming more afraid, we become more confident.


Differentiation as Part of the Healing Process

The divisiveness that has arisen within humanity, between family members and cultural groups, particularly over early pandemic years, is an expression of a deeper fragmentation within our psyches that is yearning to heal. It can become part of the healing process if we work through this intelligently.

Separatism supposedly driven by politics or differing opinions on contentious matters is actually an expression of an unbearable tension of consciousness. Love is the tonic that expands consciousness to be able to bear tension, eventually transcending it and opening into a new awareness. 

We need to differentiate – this is me, this is not me, no matter what others may tell me about myself. We learn to know ourselves. Then the distinction between what others have to say about who we are, and who we know ourselves to be, is no longer a source of internal distress. We probably won’t enjoy the feeling of being misunderstood, misinterpreted or misrepresented if it occurs, and yet we will know that it is about someone else’s inner journey and process. 

“Another’s vision of you typically has more to do with their own experiences than the truth of you. The truth of the reflection depends not on the object being reflected, but on the quality of the mirror”

As we cleanse and heal, we become capable of seeing more clearly. Those that are still scrubbing their mirror free from the filters of past hurts and societal conditioning will struggle to see us for who we are. Even if they are looking at us and trying to see, if they do not realise their filters and projections, no real intimacy and understanding can occur.  

Eventually we realise that we all struggle to varying degrees and at different times in our lives. Until we reach a very advanced spiritual state of enlightenment, able to witness all phenomena without grasping or aversion we will have imperfect vision, make mistakes, need to learn to see things differently and that is something that is part of the human journey. 

This spontaneous progression of consciousness manifests as an awareness of underlying unity – that of the human experience.  We honour our differences, but we also genuinely feel bonded by the commonalities. In other words, we learn how to love each other even when we have very different points of view.

“Separating, standing back, affirming difference and differentiating experiences based on group identities is all part of the healing journey towards spiritual sovereignty and personal affirmation from which intimacy and love can arise. It becomes divisive rather than divine when we get stuck there. There is a natural turning point where stepping back and focusing on how we are different transitions into moving forward with awareness of the factors that unite us. This happens at the time that is right for each soul.”


Cosmic Codes in the Numbers

Love is generous. When your heart discovers a truth grounded in love, you naturally want to share it. Sharing is different to attempting to compel obedience to a viewpoint. The latter is fear-driven control. Love is neither fearful nor controlling. It is so powerful it has no need for those qualities, it is so spiritually advanced it has evolved beyond them. 

The Universe gives us signs daily, is talking to us with symbolism, sacredness, and humour. The numbers are one way that the messages come through. I found this to be so consistent and wide-spread, with people asking “what does it mean when I see 11.11 all the time? Why am I seeing 444 everywhere?”, that I wrote a book about it. 

Let’s take the 2 vibration as an example in 2022 or those who see lots of the number 2. It is not that suddenly there are more houses numbered 22! It is that your subconscious awareness is noticing them. Why? There’s a deeper communication from the soul arising. Your task is to intuit the meaning for you. 

So in the example of seeing multiple 2s, say 3 times such as in 2022, leading to the 6 is a powerful cosmic numerological call for humanity to seek relational healing (2), to share this creatively and socially (3), and in doing so, strengthen the bonds of love in our world (6). This is how we generate the wave of loving consciousness that can reorient our world after the chaos of challenge and upheaval which helped to break through stagnant power-patterns, and open pathways for different choices. 

Seeing that number pattern in your personal life and feeling a resonance – like it means something for you – could be about making conscious connections with others (2) to support your creativity (3) working together to bring about more abundance and love in your life and the lives of others (6).  It is the feeling of meaning, that it somehow resonates at a deeper level which it simply may not for someone else. It is the resonance that is the clue for you to sense the guidance that could rest within that synchronicity.

Highly Sensitive People

The challenge or gift of the multiple 2 vibration, depending on how you look at it, is heightened sensitivity. This is a bonus for those learning how to develop empathy but can be tough on those who already tend towards highly sensitive orientation. If you fall into the latter, no need to worry. There is a beautiful spiritual workaround, which is to lean into your spiritual connection even more, allowing it to strengthen, shield, support and surprise you in beautiful ways. 

The multiple 2 pattern can be a sign from the Universe about strengthening relationships with the spiritual dimensions and that you are ready for that. So whilst the tendency to feel triggered may increase but so too does the opportunity to seek sanctuary through your spiritual path, increase spiritual resilience as a result, and learn how to receive spiritual energies such as grace and love into your worthy heart.

In numerology, the 2 relates to the desire for connection, diplomacy and peace, and also the capacity for collaboration and unity. As noted, the 2 heightens sensitivity and for already super-sensitive types, we must tend to our boundaries and seek strength and joy through our spiritual practices. For the far greater number of people who are learning how to develop compassion, how to sense the reality of another person rather than simply what suits one’s own ego in the moment, this year holds a spiritual gift that can ultimately benefit all.

Fear of the Feminine

When multiple 2s come together as a total 6 vibration for example, there is the promise of love. The 6 is the heart – warmth, care, generosity, affirmation and nurturance. For those not yet familiar with the heart’s realm, seeing many 6s indicates the soul’s need for development and reliance upon empathy and warmth, of an understanding and potentially an experience of genuine love. 

Yet there is fear that many have been raised to feel about seeing multiple 6s as some kind of indication of negativity. If you see the number 6 often and feel some fear about it, then it the most likely explanation is that you would benefit from confronting and clearing some fear that you have been conditioned to believe in. 

Fear that specifically arises in the presence of 6 vibration often tends towards fear of love and intimacy, fear of acceptance, fear of abundance, fear of the body, fear of being human and being alive. These are all qualities associated with the divine feminine and fear of the feminine is a fear of life and the soul journey.  The more we fear something, the more we try to deny, judge, avoid or control it. To release fear of the feminine means that we can learn to love rather than fear or criticise ourselves, others and the mystery of the human life journey. 

Any fear can be seen as an inner prompt that you are approaching a threshold, and are considering growing beyond your comfort zone into a new and healthier, happier and more spiritually-aligned experience of love, relationship, abundance, your body and your life. In this way the 6 is an opportunity to live with more love, trust and courage. It is a way to trust in your heart, to embrace the divine feminine realm of feeling, wisdom and flow, and honour your own inner soul journey. It can be very empowering! 

The Shadow Side of the Heart

The shadow side of the 6 vibration is that one can over-function, give too much, to the point where the giving is no longer about the recipient and what they need but about what the giver wants for themselves out of the experience. In such cases, if we are on the receiving end, we will need to have compassion but set firm boundaries. If we are the one over functioning, then realising this is the first step towards healing, and that often involves learning how to accept and respond to our own needs first. Then we can truly be generous because our offering is unconditional, without expectation that certain things happen because of it. To heal the distorted shadow of the heart, we learn to love ourselves and then we are more able to truly love others. 

Another shadow facet of the heart is the tendency to love the potential rather accept than the reality of the people around us. Whilst it is a gift to hold a vision of possibilities for someone, we want to take care that we also realise and accept who they are now. To love someone’s possibilities can be a denial of personhood and rather than inspire growth, it can create a sense of not being good enough. Holding a vision is possible whilst seeing someone as they truly are. When our prayers and wishes for others are based on their success in whatever way is authentic for them, and not about our personal belief system or expectations for that person, then we can truly say that we are loving that human respectfully and wisely.

Boundaries can Prevent Negative Karma

Awakened hearts need to be nourished, not worn out, broken or shut down in disappointment or despair. To heal the heart, and nurture it with self-love and spiritual love is an excellent basis for being able to love the world, and all of humanity, with compassion and empathy. 

“We want to develop a heart that is kind and intelligent and a little spiritually street-wise. The loving heart is determined to see the best in everyone and everything, which is a beautiful quality, but without wisdom of discernment, such a heart can readily be taken advantage of, which doesn’t help anyone in the long term.”  

Being able to see ourselves and others clearly, and then set appropriate boundaries, is an expression of a more mature love. It prevents unconscious enabling of detrimental behaviour and from a spiritual perspective can offer some protection against negative karma created by toxic behaviour for both the person setting the boundary and the person who would otherwise have behaved in a negative manner. 

Spiritual Care for your Heart

The heart energies are nourished by beauty, love, harmony and peace. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by such qualities. Yet there are people who have so much good fortune compared to others and are still miserable or always grasping for more. 

The spiritual state of the heart is not dependent on outer circumstances, but if we can find ways to connect with gratitude for the blessings we do have, heart nourishment can certainly happen much more readily. That can then support us during more difficult times, allowing us to find gratitude for blessings no matter what is going on in our lives.  

Your Heart as an Altar

The state of the heart the basis from which to generate an inner spiritual sanctuary. We can consciously make the heart it a place of beauty, love, compassion and gratefulness by working through the heart’s many emotions and finding a deeper resting place in spiritual love that allows us to have courage to move through our challenges, process them, derive personal growth, heal and let them go. 

As your heart embraces this process, your inner world can become a source of comfort and healing. You can find joy and relief and support in your spiritual practices, whatever they may be for you. This is a way to nurture the strength of your heart energies inwardly. It is the basis of your spiritual sanctuary and your ability to receive blessings that are always flowing towards you. 

Acknowledge your stress, or the stress your naturally sensitive and attuned heart will register in the world around you, but learn how to nurture the sanctuary within to keep you connected to love as your source of strength, fuel, wisdom, joy and peace.

You are a light in our world. Taking on the reality of mainstream consciousness can be like throwing a cover over your light. There is nothing wrong with that cover, but it doesn’t belong there, and it inhibits your truth and your purpose. Have compassion for others but also for yourself. Recognise the value of heart healing and claiming the space of your heart as a temple to be regularly cleared, and made sacred. Allow your heart to be an inner altar to the divine, to your soul, to that which holds deepest meaning for you.

What it means to be a light in our world 

To be true to our own hearts, to recognise our worth, and to shine the light without agenda or fear is our task. All beings can then choose what to do with the spiritual light that shines within all of creation. Someone may choose to read by the light, see more clearly into themselves, or make phantom animal forms with their fingers to either entertain or terrify themselves or others. Your spiritual task as a conscious light in our world is simply to be in the truth of your heart, make that heart space as sacred as you can, and allow the light to shine clearly through you.

One of the best ways I know how to do this is to take care with what you consume and what you focus on – especially in terms of the energies of the world. There is something mesmerising about negativity. It can grab your attention and make you focus, obsess and diminish yourself without even realising what is happening (at first). Would you put something toxic on the altar, as an offering to your greatest love? Assumably you would want to offer something pure and precious. So take care to work through negativities in the ways that resonate for you, and keep cleaning the heart temple. Value the positive, the light, not as a way of spiritually bypassing, but as a way of spiritually strengthening the light within. Then you can see more clearly how to effectively deal with the ups and downs of a human life. 

Spiritually Smart Sensitivity

We can use our sensitivity in such a way that it becomes the finely-tuned spiritual antenna allowing us to sense deep mysteries and spiritual guidance, rather than an open door to stress and conflict that wearies the soul. You can acknowledge what is going on, and respond constructively, without becoming enmeshed in the pain of it. 

For feeling-type souls, with a passion for inclusiveness, this is not always easy, but the more you use that devotion to strengthen the light within, the more you can allow compassion, rather than contamination, to be your response to the suffering you see in the world. 

“Allow yourself to experience the beauty of your own heart and note how much more joyfully and abundantly you are able to give to the world.”  

From my heart to yours dear ones, so much love and holding the vision – entirely realistically! – of your inevitable and complete heart awakening into joy, freedom and peace.


Art by Jane Marin from Alana’s Crystal Mandala Oracle

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