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As Featured in Oprah Daily – Our Beautiful Earth Warriors Oracle Deck

Namaste beloved ones.

In 2021 the team and I were profoundly honoured to have our beautiful Earth Warriors Oracle Deck featured on Oprah Daily. The Oprah team spoke with healer Gary D’Andre, host of the Mystic Moments Podcast, who named the Earth Warriors Oracle as ‘one of his favourite decks’ in part because of our extensive guidebook that gives insight into how to harness the spiritual teachings of the oracle for healing.

Being chosen by both Oprah and Gary has been wonderful affirmation of the soul healing that can be found in this radical and ancient earth wisdom. I believe that those that experience the Earth Warriors Oracle Deck are brought into a new paradigm of love and higher consciousness, instead of fear, hate and greed – a value system that Oprah would readily support – making this the perfect choice for Oprah Daily!

See the featured article in Oprah Daily or jump straight to the featured Earth Warriors Oracle page!

About the Earth Warriors Oracle Deck

Earth Warriors are practical and spiritual. They are guardians, inspired visionaries and practitioners of a universal wisdom way. They attend to the work of sacred inner awakening and cultural healing, to help humanity grasp the ancient knowledge taught by spiritual elders in diverse cultures around the world. Our planet’s traditional cultures have much to teach modern humans. We can unravel our complex personal and global problems through the time-tested wisdom grounded in the spiritual intelligence of the Earth. Then we can create a healthier life and more promising future for all.

Creating the Earth Warriors Oracle Deck was an intensely moving experience for me. I was often filled with awe for the universality of ancient instructions for living, despite the radically diverse cultures that offered those teachings. I was moved to tears by the exquisite uniqueness and courage of each culture that I explored, combined with a feeling of nourishing unity that we can experience within our human family when we are willing to connect with each other at a deeper level. Through it all, I felt infused with a radiant spirituality that the rich tribal cultures and teachings brought to life within my soul.

Working with Isabel Bryna, who created the incredible artwork, was a joy as well. Neither of us knew exactly what would unfold through our collaboration. We both felt honoured by the outcome, as though it was guided by a spiritual intelligence far beyond our own. The result is such an incredible combination of male and female, earth and spirit, bold and gentle – it brings the sacred vision of the Earth Warrior soul to life.

How to Use the Earth Warriors Oracle Deck

Working with the Earth Warriors Oracle can reveal deep, soul-transforming messages that can spark true healing within yourself. Before you choose your card, take a moment to connect with your heart. The heart is magnetic and will attract the best card for you. The easiest way to connect to your heart is to consider something that evokes a feeling of gratitude within you. Then sit quietly, focused on your deck. Then take the following steps:

Shuffle the deck thoroughly.
Formulate your question in your mind. You might simply want to ask, ‘What do I most need to know now?’ Or you may have something more specific in your mind.
Pause and breathe before pulling a card from the deck.
Read the message from the card, using the guidebook to give you insight into the message that is uniquely for you.

Start Your Journey

This Oracle is about courage, hope, beauty and sacred fire. It is a celebration of being human at a time when many question the value of humanity. Humans have so much wisdom and courage to offer. We need to remember this about ourselves. Then we can find the strength to heal ourselves and our world. Start your journey with the Earth Warriors Oracle Deck and experience beautiful opportunity to connect with your soul, encouraged by the united wisdoms of the Elders of our precious human family.

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